Edmund is a Beekeeper…

Mrs. Potter’s best friend is Edmund.  Edmund is a beekeeper.  Now, it is not that common for Mrs. Potter to be best friends with a giant.  Not to say that Edmund is a giant, though he is rather tall.  Still, they are best friends, and that makes them both very happy.

Edmund loves his bees.  Oh, and his honeymeade.  That is why spring is his favorite season of all.  Because spring is when the bees arrive.  He takes great care of them, and he loves to spend time with them.  That is, when they’re around.

The problem is spring hasn’t arrived yet.  And if spring won’t come, neither will the bees.

As Edmund and Mrs. Potter contemplate spring’s delay, they stumble upon a man sitting sad and alone.  They discover he is Death.  Now, many people wouldn’t stop to speak with Death, let alone try and help him.  But Mrs. Potter is a pixie, you see, and pixies are very, very special.

These uncommon friends soon learn that Death can’t sleep, and before long the mystery of the season begins to unfold.

Walk along the path, and take a journey to discover a truth you may never have known existed, a truth about new friends.  You’ll be amazed at the magic you find in Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby. 


Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby is coming soon…

A House in a Field of Reeds is a collection of four short stories, each representing a season of the year.  To learn more, click HERE.

To learn more about summer in Along the Rail to Eiderdown, click HERE.



7 thoughts on “Edmund is a Beekeeper…”

    1. Sounds very interesting. Great storytelling. Love the summary & want to read more. Keep up the great work. 😀

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