Wyatt Loves His Trees…

Wyatt Pendleton loves his apple trees, but that may not be enough to keep them.  You see, Wyatt has been abandoned by his workers and without anyone to help him harvest his apples he cannot afford to keep the orchard.  Or his home.

As autumn begins, Wyatt is on the eve of selling his beloved land.  But as dawn breaks on such a sad day, Wyatt awakes to bushels and bushels of harvested apples, ready for market!

The season begins with a new crop, a new friend and a new surprise waiting for him around every turn.  Wyatt will soon find that the love for his trees has been received, and the love he feels in return may lead him to discover the secret behind Aiden in the Apple Orchard.


Aiden in the Apple Orchard is coming soon…

A House in a Field of Reeds is a collection of four short stories, each representing a season of the year.  To learn more, click HERE.

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To learn more about summer in Along the Rail to Eiderdown, click HERE.

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