Hope and the Silver Bell

Read the chapter below from the short story "The Kingdom of Winter", featured in the book A House in a Field of Reeds. Get the book and learn more about the hope one tiny silver bell can bring.  Will YOU be hanging a silver bell outside your door this season?  Footsteps in the snow were… Continue reading Hope and the Silver Bell

The Art of A House in a Field of Reeds

Press Release | September 12, 2012 Greg Morton’s new fantasy & adventure book, A House in a Field of Reeds is currently in production phase, with the final touches being formatted.  Copies will be available for order soon.  The book features four stories, each representing a season of the year that will take you on… Continue reading The Art of A House in a Field of Reeds

Edmund is a Beekeeper…

Mrs. Potter’s best friend is Edmund.  Edmund is a beekeeper.  Now, it is not that common for Mrs. Potter to be best friends with a giant.  Not to say that Edmund is a giant, though he is rather tall.  Still, they are best friends, and that makes them both very happy. Edmund loves his bees. … Continue reading Edmund is a Beekeeper…

A Sneak Peek at New Novel – Coming Soon!!

(a sneak peek at what’s coming…) What happens when Spring won't arrive and a pixie and her best friend, a beekeeper, encounter a mysterious stranger along the path? Will Evers and Indira make it home before the sun sets on the longest day of Summer? Will Wyatt's love for his apple trees help him discover… Continue reading A Sneak Peek at New Novel – Coming Soon!!