To Catch a Fox

Virgil “Bear” Ryan is back in this exciting sequel to The Fury of the Bear!

Is he the hunter or the hunted? Catch a Fox Sequel

Virgil “Bear” Ryan and his team from Halo Mountaineering have been pushed to the edge and into the world of international conspiracy and danger.

Charlie and Samantha lead the search for an ancient treasure deep in the jungles of South America, but are they the only ones who are following the clues left behind by the Incas?

Virgil and Elizabeth are half a world away searching for clues that may lead them to an elusive villain responsible for putting a member of the team in the hospital…or worse. Virgil is getting to know the mysterious woman who put them into the middle of the storm, but is she a friend or something else?

Everything is at stake in a deadly game, and nobody knows that more than Virgil. He is a man on a mission to keep his team alive, to discover the lost treasure and most importantly…To Catch a Fox!

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