The Death of Hilaree Nelson

Photo: Outside Online Hilaree was a month older that I am. Maybe that’s the reason her death hit me so hard. What else could it be? I didn’t actually know her… Hilaree Nelson was a monster. She was the premier ski mountaineer of either gender. 2018 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year. Captain of The… Continue reading The Death of Hilaree Nelson

What is Cinema?

I just realized that when I haven’t been writing in a while, I feel the need to start anything I do write with some kind of disclosure. So…This is it. I’m disclosing that I haven’t been writing in a while, and there are reasons. But…This isn’t why I’m writing now. Get it? Got it? Good.… Continue reading What is Cinema?

The Man in the Red Hat

Nobody asked me. Which is fair, I guess, considering in 1983 I was the runt trying to hit his marks and not look like he didn’t know what he was doing. I didn’t, but the last thing I wanted was for the producers to know. That’s how an actor gets fired from an acting job.… Continue reading The Man in the Red Hat

Another Grain of Sand

I finally retired it. One last grain of sand from the hourglass still in my sock, leftover from my days as a teen grinding curbs in Claremont. This wasn’t my first board. No, that came years before. A small, red plastic board my mom probably bought at Gemco. Or Sears.  A few years later came… Continue reading Another Grain of Sand

Scarecrow and Mrs. King | 35th Reunion

Thirty five years? The fact that I still feel as awkward and silly as thirteen year old me makes it difficult to believe that thirty five years have passed since Scarecrow and Mrs. King debuted on CBS. But if folks are working hard to put together a whole day event, and other folks are flying… Continue reading Scarecrow and Mrs. King | 35th Reunion

The Next 20 Years | Thoughts of the Week, August 31, 2018

I wasn’t sure if I was going to write this post, but...Here it is.    I’m in school.  Not a huge revelation, anyway.  I was hesitant to say anything because, well, I like to keep that kind of stuff to myself sometimes.  Once it’s on the internet, and all.  Anyway, I wasn’t sure if I was… Continue reading The Next 20 Years | Thoughts of the Week, August 31, 2018

Today is The Day | Thoughts of the Week, August 10, 2018

I used to smoke cigarettes. I know, gross, right? Some of you may smoke. I encourage you to quit. Don’t vape, either. Seriously, I want you to be healthy and, well, smoking isn’t. But I won’t give you the former-smoker-now-turned-worst-non-smoker-ever routine. I’ll just talk about my motivation for quitting. It was a monkey. A vice.… Continue reading Today is The Day | Thoughts of the Week, August 10, 2018

If Everybody Had an Ocean | Thoughts of the Week, August 3rd, 2018

Summer has always been my jam. Not so much anymore, but when I was a kid, I couldn’t wait for summer. I’m sure we were all like that, mostly because school was out and we didn’t have to, like, you know…Learn, and stuff. For me, I loved how the bright sun warmed up the ground,… Continue reading If Everybody Had an Ocean | Thoughts of the Week, August 3rd, 2018

Things Dad Taught Us | Thoughts of the Week, July 27, 2018

I’m not going to say I was a good kid. It was just that, well, I didn’t get caught doing bad stuff all that often. Once, in Junior High. I ditched a whole day of school with a friend of mine. We each called into the office to pretend we were the other’s dad. Uh,… Continue reading Things Dad Taught Us | Thoughts of the Week, July 27, 2018

Thoughts of the Week | July 20, 2018

I haven’t been writing enough. In fact, I haven’t been writing at all. I’ve been letting things happen to me instead of making things happen. It’s time to get back to some balance. I’ve been reading a few motivational websites the past few weeks. These guys are pros, and offer a lot of insight they’ve… Continue reading Thoughts of the Week | July 20, 2018