The Fury of the Bear

The Fury of the Bear

1947. A plane disappears high over the Andes Mountains. With it, a mysterious passenger and a message that holds an ancient secret…of treasure.

Today, Elizabeth Rush has come to Colorado looking for someone that can find the wreckage. And the only man for the job is Virgil “Bear” Ryan. But the salvage of clues at the crash site has also put in motion The Fox, an expatriate American who makes his living in the dangerous world of high level espionage. Now, the recovery of a piece of paper has become an international treasure hunt…and a race against forces of evil.

The Fury of the Bear is the first novel to feature Virgil “Bear” Ryan, and his mountain rescue team from Halo Mountaineering. Together with Elizabeth Rush, they will do all they can to stay one step ahead of the cunning Fox. But when their paths collide at high altitude, the race to find an ancient treasure results in an avalanche of action and adventure!

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