“It’s About More Than the Coffee”

I read a lot online.  Some of it good, most of it bad.  I see a lot of stories online with great messages, but many seem too far fetched to be real.  Let me re-phrase that...Many seem to good hearted to be real.  The message is heartwarming and touching, but the fact that I'm reading… Continue reading “It’s About More Than the Coffee”

Morton’s Law Magnets | On Sale Now

When I created Morton's Law of Inscience, which says "If something can go right, it will", I created it as a constant reminder that I need to be thankful for all things that happen in my life that I don't see.  The things that go right that I may never see, but that allow me… Continue reading Morton’s Law Magnets | On Sale Now

The First Step is the Hardest

There are many variations of the quote, but the essential meaning I’d like to convey is this; “The first step is the hardest.” I’m intimately aware of this fact.  I smoked cigarettes for years.   It was something I inherited from my parents, who had both begun smoking in an age when smoking was considered cool… Continue reading The First Step is the Hardest

Wyatt Loves His Trees…

Wyatt Pendleton loves his apple trees, but that may not be enough to keep them.  You see, Wyatt has been abandoned by his workers and without anyone to help him harvest his apples he cannot afford to keep the orchard.  Or his home. As autumn begins, Wyatt is on the eve of selling his beloved… Continue reading Wyatt Loves His Trees…

Edmund is a Beekeeper…

Mrs. Potter’s best friend is Edmund.  Edmund is a beekeeper.  Now, it is not that common for Mrs. Potter to be best friends with a giant.  Not to say that Edmund is a giant, though he is rather tall.  Still, they are best friends, and that makes them both very happy. Edmund loves his bees. … Continue reading Edmund is a Beekeeper…

Saint Annapurna…

Have you been properly introduced to Virgil "Bear" Ryan's faithful companion? The following is an excerpt from the chapter "A Man and His Dog" from Greg's book The Fury of the Bear. Click HERE to read the entire chapter!   A Man and His Dog Virgil's first full working trip to Bern had been scheduled… Continue reading Saint Annapurna…

Lifting a Foot Forward: A Lesson in Balance

I have to be honest, when I first considered writing an autobiographical book, I said to myself “Yeah, right.”  I thought the idea was more than a little crazy.  I mean, really… But the desire to tell my story was fueled by the interest I’ve gotten from so many people who ask me to tell… Continue reading Lifting a Foot Forward: A Lesson in Balance

“Along the Rail to Eiderdown” Sneak Peek

Evers is like any young boy.  He is playful and rambunctious, and even a little mischievous.  But he is also very smart.  And very loyal to his best friend. Indira is not like many young girls.  She is the smartest girl in school, and also the cutest.  But she can also play a prank on… Continue reading “Along the Rail to Eiderdown” Sneak Peek

A Sneak Peek at New Novel – Coming Soon!!

(a sneak peek at what’s coming…) What happens when Spring won't arrive and a pixie and her best friend, a beekeeper, encounter a mysterious stranger along the path? Will Evers and Indira make it home before the sun sets on the longest day of Summer? Will Wyatt's love for his apple trees help him discover… Continue reading A Sneak Peek at New Novel – Coming Soon!!

Help Support the Arts

The past few weeks I’ve sent out letters seeking Sponsorship for my work.   In the coming weeks more letters will be sent.  I’d like to spend a minute, if I may, explaining my recent project, my goal of Sponsorship, the purpose of the letters and maybe even get your help. The Project I have recently… Continue reading Help Support the Arts