The Boulevard ~ Short Story

The forecast was for a warm, sunny day on the boulevard.  I had in mind some shopping I wanted to do, and decided today was a perfect day to be out.  Honestly, though, I didn’t feel myself when I woke up this morning.  Like one of those days where you just can’t put your finger … Continue reading The Boulevard ~ Short Story

I Am an Explorer. I Am an Adventurer.

Explorer.  Adventurer.  These words conjure images from a time past.  A time when more of the world was unknown.  They conjure images of canvas rucksacks, of woolen knickers, of rugged men.  Men who fought Mother Nature at her finest, battling the elements and beasts to overcome.  Overcome the obstacles of failure.  The obstacles of death.  … Continue reading I Am an Explorer. I Am an Adventurer.

The Wild Mountain Trail – Short Story

"Its winter time, and we have snow in the mountains again here in Southern California.  I was in the mood to be amongst the pine this morning, and decided to write a little story.  Hope you enjoy!"   To say that Jeffrey had been hiking the trail may have been misleading.  He was confused, hurt … Continue reading The Wild Mountain Trail – Short Story