One Easy Step to Be Like Chrissy Teigen

There are a few lessons we could all learn from Chrissy Teigen.  First, goofiness and laughter are damn sexy.  Sure, she might have beautiful skin, hair, face, body...But for anyone who has every watched her on Lip Sync Battle (Sandra and I LOVE it), you'll find the most attractive thing about Teigen is her wit… Continue reading One Easy Step to Be Like Chrissy Teigen

We’ve Got to Let Love Rule “It’s time to take a stand. Brothers and sisters join hands.  We’ve got to let love rule.”   I’m going to highly recommend listening to Lenny Kravitz’s super-star making classic, Let Love Rule, more than just a few times before, during and after reading this post.  And play it LOUD.  Hopefully it appropriately conveys… Continue reading We’ve Got to Let Love Rule

Feline Liberation, Extermination Army Strategy (F.L.E.A.S.)

I read this post by a guy who rants about his cat’s incessant meowing.  He paints quite a picture and then I realize, this could be my wife's cat.  I'd claim the little guy as my own, but he nearly outweighs me.  The signs are pointing to a cat conspiracy. For us it begins at… Continue reading Feline Liberation, Extermination Army Strategy (F.L.E.A.S.)