A Conversation with God

I’m not one to be controversial.  Or antagonistic.  Quite honestly, I don’t see the point.  Ultimately what we believe in life can only really impact ourselves as individuals.  I have raised my children with what I believe to be a set of values that will help enrich and fulfill them for a lifetime.  It is… Continue reading A Conversation with God

Someone Else Is Happy With Less Than What You Have

“Someone else is happy with less than what you have.” This could be a conversation I’m having with myself from fifteen years ago.  If only I could.  It amazes me how we evolve in such a short period of time.   I mean, I’m not going to be around for billions of years.  Though…when I do… Continue reading Someone Else Is Happy With Less Than What You Have

Jake The Bear

Guest Post by Jake The Bear I'm just your regular bear.  I'm loyal and loving and am always a good listener. I love to snuggle and travel. This past weekend I had the chance to go rock climbing in the California desert.  I LOVE rock climbing! Saturday morning we had gotten up and eaten breakfast… Continue reading Jake The Bear

Salt Water Therapy

I haven’t been writing everyday like I’m supposed to.  Well, this week I have, but today is only Tuesday.  To be honest, I think I lost my way a little.  I’ve been working on a project (for too long now!) and I’m agonizingly and frustratingly close to being finished.  If I can stay focused.  Which… Continue reading Salt Water Therapy

Road Noise

I love taking walks. A deep wooded glen.  Along a babbling stream, lazy as a summer afternoon. A stream from snow. High on a mountaintop. I love taking walks. On an alpine canyon ridge where the winter wind howls through the pine. The wind. From another land so far, far away. I like the sound.… Continue reading Road Noise

Scrambled Legs

We had been planning for a little over a week.  An ambitious micro-adventure that would take us across the high and low deserts of California and nearly 500 miles of driving.  Our plan was to leave home Friday night and return late Saturday night.  That was our plan. My buddy Brett arrived at my house… Continue reading Scrambled Legs

And then tomorrow…

Annapurna, K2, Everest.  Himalaya.  Karakoram.  I think what it would be like to travel for weeks and months into land so immense the map doesn’t seem big enough to capture how remote it really is.  I’ve read the books.  The words.  Those descriptive words. I’ve seen the pictures.  But I’ve never seen the land. Problem… Continue reading And then tomorrow…


Really, I should have known then.  I’ve been putting off what matters most to me creatively for nearly half my life.  I have no one to blame.  But I should have known.  Now, things are different.  My life in reboot. I was working a 9-5 that was more like a 5-4.  But I have to… Continue reading Meditation