Body Weary but Soul Happy | Climb for Heroes

A friend online yesterday said I must be body weary but soul happy.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  After 9 miles and 4000 feet of elevation gain/loss in 6 hours, I was certainly body weary.  But I had spent an amazing day among the pine and manzanita, above the clouds in the sunshine. … Continue reading Body Weary but Soul Happy | Climb for Heroes

Unfinished Business

I’ve been sitting here for a while, but I haven’t typed anything until now.  Of course, I start with a thought that isn’t really a thought.  There are so many things that could be said.  Though many of them will not be said.  I guess I’m just in that kind of mood.  The air outside… Continue reading Unfinished Business

The Perfect Moment

I’ve been writing a lot today.  Well, ok…I’ve been doing other things too not related to writing but after almost two weeks of feeling “uninspired”, today the prose was there.  I think I have it figured out as to why the delay.  Needless to say, it involves getting out of the house more as well… Continue reading The Perfect Moment