Salt Water Therapy

I haven’t been writing everyday like I’m supposed to.  Well, this week I have, but today is only Tuesday.  To be honest, I think I lost my way a little.  I’ve been working on a project (for too long now!) and I’m agonizingly and frustratingly close to being finished.  If I can stay focused.  Which … Continue reading Salt Water Therapy

Road Noise

I love taking walks. A deep wooded glen.  Along a babbling stream, lazy as a summer afternoon. A stream from snow. High on a mountaintop. I love taking walks. On an alpine canyon ridge where the winter wind howls through the pine. The wind. From another land so far, far away. I like the sound. … Continue reading Road Noise


Really, I should have known then.  I’ve been putting off what matters most to me creatively for nearly half my life.  I have no one to blame.  But I should have known.  Now, things are different.  My life in reboot. I was working a 9-5 that was more like a 5-4.  But I have to … Continue reading Meditation