If You Light a Lamp

There is a quote that opens my book Lifting a Foot Forward that reads; “If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your own path.” - Unknown I loved that quote for the beginning of that particular book because the words to follow were intended to reflect my gratitude toward others, and… Continue reading If You Light a Lamp

I Don’t Ever Lose

I saw this quote the other day. “I don’t ever lose.  I either win or I learn.” The quote is attributed to Conor McGregor, the UFC champion and world class trash talker.  For a guy that can annihilate opponents like he does, this quote is pretty appropriate.  But I was thinking it has deeper meaning,… Continue reading I Don’t Ever Lose

I Am Better Than You

Think about your favorite music. Your favorite song. That one that has you rockin’ & rollin’ while you're heading down the road.  You know every word, every inflection.  When it comes on, you’re the lead singer, the guitarist or the drummer. (Nobody pretends they’re the bassist.  They just don’t.  Bassists, I’m sorry.  Get over it.)… Continue reading I Am Better Than You

Being Social Isn’t a Bad Thing…But Not Today

The world is a social place.  It’s okay, I do it too.  You’re proud of yourself, your kids, that new recipe.  Being social isn’t a bad thing. Except… Sometimes we are living our lives through the wrong lens. I want to share my life, my experiences, my ups, my downs.  I want you to be… Continue reading Being Social Isn’t a Bad Thing…But Not Today

New Year’s Resolution #4: Write More

My friend Brett and I have certain traditions that we’ve loosely kept up through our ten years of friendship.  One such tradition is our annual New Year’s Eve trip to the mountains. It’s a loosely held tradition, but one we’ve been loyal to the past few years.  NYE 2014 was no different.  In fact, it… Continue reading New Year’s Resolution #4: Write More

The Sleeping Shrimp | A Spanish Proverb

Camarón que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente. It was one of the first sayings in Spanish that I ever learned, though, if I’m being honest, I had to write it down to remember it.  I wish I could remember the person’s name who taught me, too.  It escapes me. But not the message. … Continue reading The Sleeping Shrimp | A Spanish Proverb

When a Missed Opportunity Isn’t

The sand was cold.  Like make your toes numb kind of cold.  The air was chilly too.  You could tell it was fall or that summer’s run of warm nights had at least come to an end.  That’s kind of how the day started.  We were walking toward the ocean.  Mother Ocean.  It was quiet,… Continue reading When a Missed Opportunity Isn’t

The Ripples are Getting Bigger…

“The best surfer in the world is the one having the most fun.” – Unknown I find the above quote to be true, being a surfer myself, and not the best I might add.  When I’m in the water, nothing else matters.  I’m not thinking of what others think of me.  I’m not thinking about… Continue reading The Ripples are Getting Bigger…

I Begin with an Idea, and Then It Becomes Something Else

It starts with an idea… Anything. Everything.  It is where the beginning begins.  Where dreams are dreamt, lives are lived, love is loved.  An idea.  Spawned from the æther of our minds, our hearts, our souls.  But what does it mean to have an idea? What is an idea? We are living in an age… Continue reading I Begin with an Idea, and Then It Becomes Something Else

Lifting a Foot Forward: A Lesson in Balance

I have to be honest, when I first considered writing an autobiographical book, I said to myself “Yeah, right.”  I thought the idea was more than a little crazy.  I mean, really… But the desire to tell my story was fueled by the interest I’ve gotten from so many people who ask me to tell… Continue reading Lifting a Foot Forward: A Lesson in Balance