Saint Annapurna…

Have you been properly introduced to Virgil "Bear" Ryan's faithful companion? The following is an excerpt from the chapter "A Man and His Dog" from Greg's book The Fury of the Bear. Click HERE to read the entire chapter!   A Man and His Dog Virgil's first full working trip to Bern had been scheduled… Continue reading Saint Annapurna…

Sneak Peek of “The Fury of the Bear”!!

         Get a sneak peek at The Fury of the Bear below, and don't forget to buy your copy today!           For now, Virgil had done all he could do.  His emotions pestered him, fighting their way into his consciousness and screaming to be heard.  His knowledge and expertise with life and death held his emotions… Continue reading Sneak Peek of “The Fury of the Bear”!!

Book Available in Paperback!

I could not be more excited to announce that The Fury of the Bear is now available to order in paperback.  Just go to the Morton Design Works website and click the "store" link to order.  So many people have helped me realize this dream and I deeply appreciate all of the love and support. … Continue reading Book Available in Paperback!

Book Available on Kindle

I am so excited to announce you can now get The Fury of the Bear downloaded to your Kindle device! You can also download to your iPhone, iPod Touch or PC as well. Go to, then search The Fury of the Bear. Check back soon for updates on seeing Virgil "Bear" Ryan in print!

Cover Jacket – The Fury of the Bear

Well, I figured I'd put some of my education to good use and design the cover jacket for my book.  I don't mind saying so myself, I like simplicity.  But I think it has some emotional impact.  Do you agree?  To all of you who love and support me, my deepest gratitude.  Cheers!

The Fury of the Bear

“Hope all is well!  I’m gearing up for the release of my book on Amazon.  Thought I’d give you the tag/description.  Enjoy!!”  When Bear Ryan and his mountain rescue team are approached by a beautiful and mysterious woman for a salvage job in the Andes Mountains, the recovery of a piece of paper at the… Continue reading The Fury of the Bear