Why Do We Love the Movies?

Every year I think “Movies Suck”.  I get frustrated with the super-heroes, sequels, reboots and remakes.  Don’t get me started on the remakes.  As a consumer, I wonder what hell has gotten into Hollywood?  Are the writers on strike?  It’s a real question. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the movies, because every year… Continue reading Why Do We Love the Movies?


I’m incredibly proud of my kids.  I’m biased, sure, but I contend my kids are pretty damn awesome.  And not just because I’m biased.  Because I think it’s true.  Understand something, too, that I’ve always been pretty….strict, maybe…in my expectations. Here’s my thing… Years ago, I was sitting in a sterile, non-descript room with a… Continue reading #HappyMothersDay

Dressed Up Like Yoda

Seriously, if I see another “Which (Insert Television/Movie/Pop-Culture Reference Here) Character are You?” post on Facebook I might just scream.  Loudly.  Like an eight year old that was just told he has to take a nap.  At 3:30 in the afternoon.  Because he’s cranky. Because… I am cranky.  Cranky at seeing “Which ___ are You?”… Continue reading Dressed Up Like Yoda

Happy Birthday Dad | Stop Trying to Kill the Ball and Other Life Lessons

18 November, 1945. My dad would have been 68 today.  We lost him way, way too early.  But as each sun rises and sets beyond our last hello I grow more confident he is still with me.  He was forever a teacher, a coach intent on doing all he could to help me succeed.  Sometimes… Continue reading Happy Birthday Dad | Stop Trying to Kill the Ball and Other Life Lessons

Dropping an F-Bomb

Once Upon a Time… I had the attention span of a 6 year old. The End. **Editor’s Note The following comments will be typed out on the computer by Greg’s hands, utilizing his subconscious mind to provide a precariously fluid thought on the subject of today’s society.  As seems to be a growing trend, Greg… Continue reading Dropping an F-Bomb

The Diabolical Scheme of 3:30am

I guess I haven’t been as unproductive as I first thought.  I wrote a journal entry just last Thursday, though I guess I can attribute my confusion to seemingly endless days of illness and the reoccurring horror of 3:30am.  Like Freddy Krueger scaring me down the hallway, dragging his stainless steel press on nails along… Continue reading The Diabolical Scheme of 3:30am

Changing the World with a Simple “Thank You”

I’m a big believer in good manners. I’m not sure who invented the concept, though I can say with some certainty it probably wasn’t cave men, whacking each other over the head with the bones of a snaggletoothed lizard or something like that.  No, I’m not sure who invented the concept, but that person is… Continue reading Changing the World with a Simple “Thank You”

Inner Thought Radio

Early Saturday morning Sandra and I were Inner Thought Radio DJs.  You know, you wake up with a song in your head and you just can’t get it out.  Yeah, that was us.  And for the life of me right now I can’t even think of what song I had in my head.  And that’s… Continue reading Inner Thought Radio

The Quandry of Writing a Query Letter

Anyone who knows me well knows two things; I’m very sentimental about tradition. I absolutely hate the phrase “That’s the way we’ve always done it” (a.k.a. Sometimes I really hate tradition.) It’s kind of a paradox or an oxymoron or something.  Whatever.  The point is tradition has its place.  Until it doesn’t anymore.  I’ve realized… Continue reading The Quandry of Writing a Query Letter

This is What Dogs Feel Like at the Pound

The truth is I was early.  By like thirty five minutes.  So the fact that I was left waiting isn’t anyone’s fault but an eager junior airline pilot and maybe a tailwind screaming out of the Southeast.  Hey, I was in the Southeast and I was screaming to get out of there too.  Ha ha… Continue reading This is What Dogs Feel Like at the Pound