Feline Liberation, Extermination Army Strategy (F.L.E.A.S.)

I read this post by a guy who rants about his cat’s incessant meowing.  He paints quite a picture and then I realize, this could be my wife's cat.  I'd claim the little guy as my own, but he nearly outweighs me.  The signs are pointing to a cat conspiracy. For us it begins at… Continue reading Feline Liberation, Extermination Army Strategy (F.L.E.A.S.)

Enter Title Here…

I’ve started a post, one hundred times I’ve written some words, I’ve written some rhymes I’ve hated it all, I’ve stomped and I’ve cried Well, not with real tears but you know that I tried I’ve brewed up some coffee, and then brewed up some more I finished it up and then went to the… Continue reading Enter Title Here…

I’m Trapped In an Elevator…Wait, It Gets Worse

Got this list in an email from my beautiful wife.  Made me laugh.  I firmly believe many of these could be applied to daily life outside of an elevator.  PLEASE, OH PLEASE make sure you make a video if you decide to follow the wonderful suggestions on this list.  I'd love for you to share!… Continue reading I’m Trapped In an Elevator…Wait, It Gets Worse

Last Words

Writing, writing, what can I say? I’ve scribbled and scribbled and had a bad day. Ink in pen and pen to the page, It all feels so forced, so full of waste. I’ve toiled for hours, but it’s all just absurd, So I’ve finally decided these are my last words.   - Submitted as part… Continue reading Last Words