#WWDBD | What Would David Beckham Do?

At what point did we stop caring about what we look like when we leave the house?  I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of tie-dye, so...I’m thinking the 1960s.  Is it just me or has it gotten to the point where everyone is trying to out-ugly everyone else when they go out in public?  … Continue reading #WWDBD | What Would David Beckham Do?

I Don’t Ever Lose

I saw this quote the other day. “I don’t ever lose.  I either win or I learn.” The quote is attributed to Conor McGregor, the UFC champion and world class trash talker.  For a guy that can annihilate opponents like he does, this quote is pretty appropriate.  But I was thinking it has deeper meaning, … Continue reading I Don’t Ever Lose