Another Grain of Sand

I finally retired it. One last grain of sand from the hourglass still in my sock, leftover from my days as a teen grinding curbs in Claremont. This wasn’t my first board. No, that came years before. A small, red plastic board my mom probably bought at Gemco. Or Sears.  A few years later came… Continue reading Another Grain of Sand

A (Not-So) Fond Memory of the Little White Coat

I broke my arm while skateboarding as a teen.  The initial fall, at the world famous Upland Pipeline skatepark (albeit in one of the small pools), wasn’t painful.  It was just, well…shocking.  I dropped into the pool and my board came out from underneath, sending me flying backward.  I did what most people would do… Continue reading A (Not-So) Fond Memory of the Little White Coat