Giving Thanks : An Open Letter to You

There are many things Of which I want Those cyber deals That coo and taunt And I may buy A thing or two But I’m thankful most That I have you     It’s been a while Since I’ve written you The silly season So much to do But thanks again For joining me here … Continue reading Giving Thanks : An Open Letter to You

Changing of the Guard

Yellow colors what once was green The days of autumn I have seen The grass will fall in slumber soon No more days of tulip’s bloom The shortened days, our reticence The daylight saved won’t recompense The clock turned back, these days I’ll weep But I’m pleased to add one hour of sleep    

What Matters Most

My twenty year high school reunion was last year.  Okay I just dated myself but honestly, I don’t care.  I’m not that old.  That’s what I keep telling myself, and it seems to be working.  I still ride my skateboard, play in the surf and sand and this past Saturday I was even watching cartoons.  … Continue reading What Matters Most

The Two Became Friends in the Rain on a Whim

Max was a nerd, he played on the grass. Max was in love, but he knew it would pass. Max saw a girl that he knew was the one. Max was in love, but it wasn’t that fun. He pined for a girl that was out of his league. He wanted to wave but didn’t … Continue reading The Two Became Friends in the Rain on a Whim

I’ve Been Staring at a Blank Page for Three Days

I’ve been staring at a blank page for three days. Wondering. What do I write?  What am I thinking?  What was I thinking?  Such are the conversations in my head.  The never ending conversations.  Well, okay.  Sometimes they’re arguments, and I lose…but does it count if I lose an argument to myself? I’m still wondering. … Continue reading I’ve Been Staring at a Blank Page for Three Days

The World is but a Canvas to the Imagination

You’ve been here a while, right?  Long enough to see my readership blossom from three casual readers to four indifferent readers?  I’m sorry, what number where you?  No worries, it’s not important. What’s important is that you’re here. I mean that.  Your participation here makes all the difference to me.  It’s not that I don’t … Continue reading The World is but a Canvas to the Imagination

Enter Title Here…

I’ve started a post, one hundred times I’ve written some words, I’ve written some rhymes I’ve hated it all, I’ve stomped and I’ve cried Well, not with real tears but you know that I tried I’ve brewed up some coffee, and then brewed up some more I finished it up and then went to the … Continue reading Enter Title Here…

The Tea Party

With honey and milk I shall write a tea haiku Fill my vintage cup ~ But I botched a tea party limerick The meter and rhyme all for naught So I shuttered the style At least for a while And held court over words with a draught ~ Earl Grey, I shall invite thee to … Continue reading The Tea Party

I Think That I’ll Stay Young Today

I think that I’ll stay young today I’m thirty nine, is that okay? I can still laugh and jump and run I am just having way too much fun I’ll join the good Doctor, Maurice and Shel And whip up a whimsical, wonderful spell I’ll conjure up silly words that will rhyme And remember an … Continue reading I Think That I’ll Stay Young Today