I Don’t Ever Lose

I saw this quote the other day. “I don’t ever lose.  I either win or I learn.” The quote is attributed to Conor McGregor, the UFC champion and world class trash talker.  For a guy that can annihilate opponents like he does, this quote is pretty appropriate.  But I was thinking it has deeper meaning,… Continue reading I Don’t Ever Lose

Rule #4: You Can’t Want It More Than They Do

I think we all have rules of some sort or another.  Some are passed on like family heirlooms, our fathers instructing us on the ways of life whilst spearing a clueless worm onto a hook on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  His mistakes in life had earned him a little wisdom, and he wanted to be… Continue reading Rule #4: You Can’t Want It More Than They Do

#MorningMotivation | Captain Phillips’ Leadership Lecture

Captain Richard Phillips speaks with a quick, high pitched New England vibrato, the type of vocal cadence where you nearly miss every fifth or eighth word being said but the message still gets across. When Captain Phillips speaks the message is clear, he is a man who is confident in his ability to lead others… Continue reading #MorningMotivation | Captain Phillips’ Leadership Lecture

When Success is Dressed Like Failure

“You don’t conquer the mountain, you only conquer yourself.” Jim Whittaker My plans for 2015, I think, are ambitious.  Maybe too ambitious.  But I’m okay with that.  It’s important that goals push what we’re capable of doing.  I think there’s a chance I won’t accomplish all of my goals for the year, but I think,… Continue reading When Success is Dressed Like Failure