Cover Jacket – The Fury of the Bear

Well, I figured I'd put some of my education to good use and design the cover jacket for my book.  I don't mind saying so myself, I like simplicity.  But I think it has some emotional impact.  Do you agree?  To all of you who love and support me, my deepest gratitude.  Cheers!

The Fury of the Bear

“Hope all is well!  I’m gearing up for the release of my book on Amazon.  Thought I’d give you the tag/description.  Enjoy!!”  When Bear Ryan and his mountain rescue team are approached by a beautiful and mysterious woman for a salvage job in the Andes Mountains, the recovery of a piece of paper at the … Continue reading The Fury of the Bear

I Am an Explorer. I Am an Adventurer.

Explorer.  Adventurer.  These words conjure images from a time past.  A time when more of the world was unknown.  They conjure images of canvas rucksacks, of woolen knickers, of rugged men.  Men who fought Mother Nature at her finest, battling the elements and beasts to overcome.  Overcome the obstacles of failure.  The obstacles of death.  … Continue reading I Am an Explorer. I Am an Adventurer.

The Wild Mountain Trail – Short Story

"Its winter time, and we have snow in the mountains again here in Southern California.  I was in the mood to be amongst the pine this morning, and decided to write a little story.  Hope you enjoy!"   To say that Jeffrey had been hiking the trail may have been misleading.  He was confused, hurt … Continue reading The Wild Mountain Trail – Short Story