On Tap for Fall

Happy Autumn!! As the season settles in, we’d like to remind everyone of the wonderful things we have to offer here at Morton Design Works. From stories to shirts to poems, we have something to help you celebrate the season.  And with the holidays just around the corner, don’t forget to check out our entire… Continue reading On Tap for Fall

Our One Moment

We thirst for an emotional tide to wash over us and cleanse our mind. Maybe it is peace of mind or a small inkling of what Siddhārtha Gautama felt was enlightenment.  Scientists may tell us it is a releasing of endorphins that saturate our system.  If we are lucky, at one time in our lives… Continue reading Our One Moment

Changing of the Guard

Yellow colors what once was green The days of autumn I have seen The grass will fall in slumber soon No more days of tulip’s bloom The shortened days, our reticence The daylight saved won’t recompense The clock turned back, these days I’ll weep But I’m pleased to add one hour of sleep    

The Art of A House in a Field of Reeds

Press Release | September 12, 2012 Greg Morton’s new fantasy & adventure book, A House in a Field of Reeds is currently in production phase, with the final touches being formatted.  Copies will be available for order soon.  The book features four stories, each representing a season of the year that will take you on… Continue reading The Art of A House in a Field of Reeds

Wyatt Loves His Trees…

Wyatt Pendleton loves his apple trees, but that may not be enough to keep them.  You see, Wyatt has been abandoned by his workers and without anyone to help him harvest his apples he cannot afford to keep the orchard.  Or his home. As autumn begins, Wyatt is on the eve of selling his beloved… Continue reading Wyatt Loves His Trees…