2016 Academy Award Predictions

Listen Now - The Morton Podcast Online Radio | BlogTalkRadio Moving pictures began with magic lanterns and glass slides waved one in front of the other.  Crude animations created by artists using multiple images.  Who hasn’t hand drawn a stick man jumping up and down on every sheet of a post-it pad and then flipped… Continue reading 2016 Academy Award Predictions

Why Do We Love the Movies?

Every year I think “Movies Suck”.  I get frustrated with the super-heroes, sequels, reboots and remakes.  Don’t get me started on the remakes.  As a consumer, I wonder what hell has gotten into Hollywood?  Are the writers on strike?  It’s a real question. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the movies, because every year… Continue reading Why Do We Love the Movies?

Idiots and 7th Graders | Seth McFarlane & the Academy Awards

From the "I Guess I'll Chime In" Department: Nearly a month later, we are apparently still talking about Seth McFarlane's job as host of the Oscars.  Two producers have now come out in defense of his "Boobs" song during the broadcast, saying it was satire and that it was misunderstood.  They quote demographics and ratings… Continue reading Idiots and 7th Graders | Seth McFarlane & the Academy Awards