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I Think That I’ll Stay Young Today

I think that I’ll stay young today I’m thirty nine, is that okay? I can still laugh and jump and run I am just having way too much fun I’ll join the good Doctor, Maurice and Shel And whip up a whimsical, wonderful spell I’ll conjure up silly words that will rhyme And remember an … Continue reading I Think That I’ll Stay Young Today

Road Noise

I love taking walks. A deep wooded glen.  Along a babbling stream, lazy as a summer afternoon. A stream from snow. High on a mountaintop. I love taking walks. On an alpine canyon ridge where the winter wind howls through the pine. The wind. From another land so far, far away. I like the sound. … Continue reading Road Noise

Last Words

Writing, writing, what can I say? I’ve scribbled and scribbled and had a bad day. Ink in pen and pen to the page, It all feels so forced, so full of waste. I’ve toiled for hours, but it’s all just absurd, So I’ve finally decided these are my last words.   - Submitted as part … Continue reading Last Words