U.S.S. Imagination

“Mommy, Mommy I don’t want to read I want to sit and watch t.v. On the couch with channel two Laugh and see the best cartoons   But this show is old, it is a re-run And I’m bored because I’ve seen this one Mommy what am I supposed to do When there’s nothing to … Continue reading U.S.S. Imagination

The Two Became Friends in the Rain on a Whim

Max was a nerd, he played on the grass. Max was in love, but he knew it would pass. Max saw a girl that he knew was the one. Max was in love, but it wasn’t that fun. He pined for a girl that was out of his league. He wanted to wave but didn’t … Continue reading The Two Became Friends in the Rain on a Whim

Enter Title Here…

I’ve started a post, one hundred times I’ve written some words, I’ve written some rhymes I’ve hated it all, I’ve stomped and I’ve cried Well, not with real tears but you know that I tried I’ve brewed up some coffee, and then brewed up some more I finished it up and then went to the … Continue reading Enter Title Here…

In Memoriam

The grass grows green The marble white The air is still, though full of life Eternal fires and simple stones Patriots at home The tap of heels in discipline The honor guard always stays An unknown soldier, not an unknown grave For service given Must be repaid In peace or war They gave their life … Continue reading In Memoriam

The Tea Party

With honey and milk I shall write a tea haiku Fill my vintage cup ~ But I botched a tea party limerick The meter and rhyme all for naught So I shuttered the style At least for a while And held court over words with a draught ~ Earl Grey, I shall invite thee to … Continue reading The Tea Party