In German Town | A Poem

In German Town. A Poem by Greg Morton In German town traf ich ein Mädchen She was fair and sweet, her blonde hair curled Along the Marienplatz The summer sun danced around in a whirl In Bavaria, the Alps stood regal Ich lief durch Blumen I ate and laughed and played with friends And then … Continue reading In German Town | A Poem

Remember When? | A Valentine’s Day Poem

Remember When? We laughed all night. We kissed. We fought. We dreamed of travel to far off places, While we sunk our feet in the sand. Remember When? We held each other’s hand, At a funeral, At a wedding, At our children’s graduation? Remember When? Our love was young, And crazy. So many years… And … Continue reading Remember When? | A Valentine’s Day Poem

It is This Love

It is not that first date. Or the first kiss. It is not that first Valentine’s, that was clearly a hit. It is not the night you both felt so much. The first intimate moment, that look or that touch. It is not the trip or the pictures you took. The dozens and dozens of … Continue reading It is This Love

The Best Christmas Gifts | A Poem

A warm, friendly fireplace roaring to life. Surrounded by family and friends for the night. Food on the table to fill us with joy, and desserts in the oven to add much delight.   Games in the parlor with laughter and cheer. The old men in the corner chat over their beer. The kids run … Continue reading The Best Christmas Gifts | A Poem

The Hole of a Mole

The hole of a mole isn’t so cold, it’s cozy and warm like a blanket. And the hole of a mole isn’t lavished with gold, it’s furnished with art made from earth tones. The hole of a mole is for young and for old, because it doesn’t have stairs to fall down from. The hole … Continue reading The Hole of a Mole

Christmas Time is Near | A Collection of Poems

Christmas Cheer -- Be warm with love This time of year May your dreams be full With Christmas cheer. --- --- --- --- Christmas Eve --- Colors twinkle upon the tree The house is silent this Christmas Eve  --- Anticipating a welcome friend The children wait, tucked in their beds  --- Down the chimney with … Continue reading Christmas Time is Near | A Collection of Poems

The Unwritten Poem

The unwritten poem Isn’t writing itself On paper With pencil Or pen  --- The unwritten poem Remains in my heart Where its life Will go on Till it ends  --- The unwritten poem Won’t run out of ink Or sayings Or meaning Or words  --- The unwritten poem Is written for you My heart And … Continue reading The Unwritten Poem

Through the Days of Overcast

Overcast Cold and grey I think I will stay home today Not because I’m down or sad The cloudy days make me glad  -- I get to see the world asleep Tucked warmly in their flower beds A new perspective is all I need To have a day well spent  -- The days of warmth … Continue reading Through the Days of Overcast