In German Town | A Poem

In German Town.

A Poem by Greg Morton

In German town traf ich ein Mädchen
She was fair and sweet, her blonde hair curled
Along the Marienplatz
The summer sun danced around in a whirl

In Bavaria, the Alps stood regal
Ich lief durch Blumen
I ate and laughed and played with friends
And then found our way back by the moon

We traveled by rail, by car and by cab
But got passed by a Bug on the highway
Gott segne meinen Vater, ein sehr langsamer Fahrer
We would have driven too fast if I’d had my way

Das Glockenspiel, Glockenspiel, sing me your song
I’ve found love in this town but it’s not what I sought
Alas, I must leave, my work here is done
Ich träume von meiner Rückkehr in die große deutsche Stadt.

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