#WWDBD | What Would David Beckham Do?

At what point did we stop caring about what we look like when we leave the house?  I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of tie-dye, so…I’m thinking the 1960s.  Is it just me or has it gotten to the point where everyone is trying to out-ugly everyone else when they go out in public?  Is this the new Keeping Up with the Joneses?

My wife and I were working on the house yesterday, in our working on the house clothes.  I was in shorts, t-shirt and old pair of Chuck Taylors.  Sandra was wearing jeans, a t-shirt under a flannel and sneakers.  We were hot, we were dirty, we had been working in the garage.  It was time for lunch.

We’ve all done this, where we hop in the car, drive to the local food drive-thru, and get something quick because we look like dolls that had been dragged through the yard by the slobbering dog.  I’m not a fan of fast food, but I’m a bigger non-fan of sitting down someplace to eat looking like Nick Nolte in Down and Out in Beverly Hills.  That’s bum-ish, if you didn’t get that last film reference…

Bum-ish is exactly what I saw as we were sitting in line at the drive-thru.  I wasn’t super happy with how I was dressed, but I was in a car…BECAUSE of how I was dressed.  Lo and behold some kid had come shuffling out of the restaurant, wearing pajamas, dirty socks, slides, sucking on a straw from his cup like it was a binky, oblivious to the world around him as he stared at his cellphone while he made his way down the street.  He looked ridiculous.


I’ll leave you to look that hashtag up, and preserve a G rating for the website.  Well, PG-13 at worst.  The DGAF crowd seems to be assimilating the general public.  Responsible adults with educated minds are falling for this grass roots movement of looking increasingly…Stupid.

I’m not criticizing looks, mind you.  I’m talking presentation.  You could be cursed with a witch-like hairy mole on the end of your shnoze, but if you present yourself in well fitting clothes and a manner of class, people are less likely to hand you a broom.

What’s the saying?  And eye for an eye makes everyone blind?  I’m not talking politics or violence here, I’m just talking presentation.  If we all #DGAF…Then who will?

And boys, seriously.  I’m talking to you.  We gotta up our game.  Girls are guilty, too, but let’s face it, the girls are leading the score in this game of getting all dolled up to go out in public.  I saw a guy the other day wearing basketball shorts, a tank top and flip-flops, holding the hand of a girl wearing a blouse, skirt and heels.  She looked like a million bucks.  He looked like a yard sale.

So this is it.  A new grass roots movement.  March on Washington.  Call your congressman or congresswoman.  Start the hashtag #GAF.  Look in a #$%^@! mirror before you leave the house.  Ask yourself, would Harry Styles get caught looking like this?  Would Becks?  If the answer is no, then return to the closet and put on something you wouldn’t wear to bed.

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