The World is Unknown | A Tale of Hope


Let’s begin with God is a woman.

And for the moment, we’ll agree all of your other assumptions are wrong as well.  Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, allow me to continue.

The world as we know it is, shall we say, unknown.  Oh, we know stuff.  Lots of stuff.  It is, in a way, remarkable the things we do know.  It is remarkable, even, the things we can accomplish, and not always in a good and positive way.  As a species, we have a dark and abhorrent past.  Filled with hate, anger, violence.  We are saddled with this past because, quite frankly, we don’t know anything.

Most, if not all, are familiar with the ‘flight or fight’ response, the mechanism programmed into our central nervous system that involuntarily reacts to sudden and often traumatic stimuli.  Like a toddler who lashes out at the other kid in the sandbox for taking their toy.  At that age, many aren’t born or learned of violence, it is just a natural ‘fight or flight’ response.  For when others have their toy taken, they cry.

All this is to say that, in the grand ‘Big Bang’, the Universe is 14 billion years old scheme of things, humankind is but an infant.  A toddler, at best.  We are top heavy, stumbling, incontinent, unpredictable, drooling little creatures filled with laughter, tears or violence at any given moment.

And all THAT is to say is, though things may get worse, they will indeed, one day, get better.  As a species, we will learn.  We will mature.  Humankind will recognize what we know and use it for good and accept what we don’t, and rather than punish others because the unknown scares us, we will reach out our hands and embrace the person standing in front of us who is just as scared as we are.

Because let’s face it, every person on the planet has a vulnerability, an insecurity, a fear that drives us to excel or drives us to hide.  To fight or to flee.

It is okay to be scared.  To recognize when we are scared, and to behave in a manner that doesn’t burn down the house.  To be like water, and flow.

The truth, God is a woman.  Look all around you, the concrete jungles or rural byways, our planet is driven by the life giving resources a mother provides.  She pumps life into our hearts even before we’ve left the safety of Her womb, sacrificing Herself so that we may grow.  And now, we are but infants.  Toddlers at best.  And She knows, as a mother does, that to pick us up each time we cry, each time we are scared, is to rob us of our ability to adapt, and thus, to learn for ourselves.

So now we’ve learned something today.  We are less unknowning.  Tomorrow, maybe, we embrace that each of us are scared.  We embrace, and help one another through the darkness.

1 thought on “The World is Unknown | A Tale of Hope”

  1. Yes, yes and more yes! Just brilliant and needed. Thanks for helping us to know a little more today.

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