One Easy Step to Be Like Chrissy Teigen

photo: kevin mazur/getty images
photo: kevin mazur/getty images

There are a few lessons we could all learn from Chrissy Teigen.  First, goofiness and laughter are damn sexy.  Sure, she might have beautiful skin, hair, face, body…But for anyone who has every watched her on Lip Sync Battle (Sandra and I LOVE it), you’ll find the most attractive thing about Teigen is her wit and humor and willingness to own being a goof-ball.  At least, that is what I find most attractive about her.

But she is also graceful when it counts.  As in this article, she doesn’t lower herself to the trolls.  That’s important, not just in social media, but in life in general.  When we lower our standards for ourselves, then what?  We have a society of people who are willing to say or do anything.  And for what?  To what end?

I have a love/hate relationship with social media.  I think most sensible people do.  We love the good, we hate the bad.  There are two ways of managing that dichotomy; 1) Delete all of your social media accounts or 2) Don’t give in to the daylight blind trolls lurking in the shadows.  When someone throws hate your way, be like Chrissy and tell them you would never talk to another human in such a way.

Live life by the Golden Rule – “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Done to You.”

1 thought on “One Easy Step to Be Like Chrissy Teigen”

  1. Actually, more effective than then Golden Rule is this rule: Do unto others as they want done unto them. Not everyone comes from the same culture, mind set, etc. and wants the same.

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