2016 Academy Award Predictions


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Moving pictures began with magic lanterns and glass slides waved one in front of the other.  Crude animations created by artists using multiple images.  Who hasn’t hand drawn a stick man jumping up and down on every sheet of a post-it pad and then flipped through it to watch him go?  If so, congratulations…You’re a filmmaker!

It wasn’t until the late 1800’s that celluloid film and machines were built to flip those post-it notes for us that filmmaking began to progress as an art form.  The first public viewings to charge admission began in 1895.  An industry was born.

It’s a short leap from 1895 to 1927, when Louis B. Mayer, head of the movie studio Metro Goldwyn Mayer formed the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  The first awards presentation was held in 1929 during a private banquet at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.  A year later the ceremony was broadcast on radio.  In 1953, the awards ceremony was broadcast on television and has never looked back.

The Oscars, as it most commonly known, has become a spectacle as much for it’s red carpet walk and controversial nominees as it has for the actual films it showcases.  It’s a water cooler event, engaging millions to debate the question – “Who will win?”

Tonight, Sandra and I are going to tell you.

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