It’s the Little Things | Happy Thanksgiving 2015

It’s a quarter to three.  To be real honest, there isn’t anything special about today, and yet it’s probably the best day I’ve had in ages.  On the productivity scale of 1-10, ten being about as productive as one can get…I’m scoring myself about a three.  I’ve taken a shower, prepared bacon wrapped water chestnuts and stuffed myself with hors d’oeuvres for the better part of the last three hours.  I keep asking my wife if there is anything I can do and she keeps telling me no.  So I prepared myself a glass of whisky on the rocks.  And now my daughter is peeling potatoes.  I’d feel guilty about not peeling the taters myself, but I’m kind of enjoying my girl helping out.

It’s cold outside.  Not Midwest, ten feet of snow cold, but Southern California cold.  It feels like Thanksgiving.  The house is warm and the four of us are jammed into my tiny kitchen, helping at one point or another on what will eventually become dinner.  My wife should be wearing a cape, she’s been here all day working hard.  Making dinner for a good week’s worth of left overs.  That’s pretty much how I know she truly loves me.  Food…

The TV hasn’t been on all day, though we have been playing a soft rock station on Pandora this afternoon.  Background music, mostly, but the occasional song has prompted us to turn up the volume and get our groove on a bit.  We’re a music loving bunch.

If I was a betting man, I’d have put money on this being Christmas already, and that I scored the best gift ever.  I’m pretty easy to please anyway, but it doesn’t get any better than having my three girls all in one room for an entire day.  We’ve had some good conversations.  The kind you can have with intelligent adults.  Don’t get me wrong, we don’t all see eye to eye on everything, but we try hard to respect that we are each individuals with individual perspectives and opinions.

It’s one of the things I’m thankful for today.  One of many things.  My father passed away two and a half years ago, and though that makes me unforgivably sad, I’m thankful for the conversation with my mom this morning.  And more than thankful she’ll be spending the evening with friends, enjoying a warm house and warm food with people who love her.

I’m currently chatting with my brother via text while I write this.  A little unconventional, maybe, but that’s kind of how he and I do most of our chatting.  I did get to see him a few months ago, which was a treat.  It had been a year before that.  The miles between us are longer than I’d like, but I’m thankful that we are close in spite of those miles.

I have a feeling today will be just a blur come tomorrow morning.  Before too long we’ll be hurrying to be ready for Christmas, then New Years.  It seems the days just go by like that….A blur.

It’s the days like today that aren’t exceptionally memorable save for the fact that I can reach out and hug the ones I love most at any random moment.  Life couldn’t get any better for me.  I hope everyone is as lucky as I am today.  If not, I’ll pray they are soon.

It’s the little things that make me happiest, and I’m thankful for that.

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