“If I Had Only One Wish…”


Here is my thing about wishes.  I think they’re important.  I think it’s a way to help keep a little bit of positivity in your life…As long as you’re doing it right.  I’m not saying you can’t wish for what you want to wish for, but if you’re blowing out candles and pulling on chicken bones for a new Apple Watch, I think maybe you’ve missed an opportunity.

We all look at ourselves in the mirror and see something others may not see.  Or maybe they do.  Like me as a teenager, maybe others see it and aren’t afraid to remind you of it.  The glasses.  The braces.  The goofy hair.  The Keebler Elf joke.  Ha ha…Ahem.  Clever.

I’m just saying, maybe it’s worth not rubbing the fur off the rabbit’s paw to actually be taller or to be more handsome or to not have early 1970s spectacles on a kid growing up in the 80s, but maybe it’d be okay to wish for the courage to love that person you see everyday in the mirror.  I mean, if you’re going to be selfish about a wish.  That’s the thing, if you had only one wish, what would YOU wish for?

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