It is This Love


It is not that first date.
Or the first kiss.
It is not that first Valentine’s, that was clearly a hit.
It is not the night you both felt so much.
The first intimate moment, that look or that touch.
It is not the trip or the pictures you took.
The dozens and dozens of pictures you took.
It is not the night when he captured your heart.
Or the night that it seemed it was falling apart.
It is not the making up that you don’t want to end.
Or the promise you made to marry your friend.
It is not the day you said was your best.
The wonderful tux.
That incredible dress.
It is not the night after, asleep way too soon.
Both of you together, alone in the room.
It is not the days laughing.
With the kids hard at play.
Their art on the fridge.
(Though it just might be, those moments are great.)
It’s not the one night he spoiled you with gifts.
For no other reason than he felt like he should.
Or the day she surprised you with seats at the game.
You both snuck away and made it a day.
It is not the dinner you shared, tucked away in a corner.
And talked until closing, celebrating each other.
It is not the days before or the moments that came later.
Though it can be those things, the happy thereafter.
But most of all it is this moment, right now.
It is this love.
It is you.

“It is this Love”

Words by Greg Morton

Copyright 2015

2 thoughts on “It is This Love

  1. This is beautiful! What a special heartfelt poem! Happy Valentine’s day and how blessed you and Sandra both are! Luv you guys!

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