Being Social Isn’t a Bad Thing…But Not Today


The world is a social place.  It’s okay, I do it too.  You’re proud of yourself, your kids, that new recipe.  Being social isn’t a bad thing.


Sometimes we are living our lives through the wrong lens.

I want to share my life, my experiences, my ups, my downs.  I want you to be entertained.  To lift me up when I’m down.  To help celebrate when I’m up.  You’re a part of my successes too.


Sometimes I’m sharing a part of myself that isn’t for you.  And you with me.

My goals don’t care if I’ve lined up the perfect shot.  Or concocted a witty post.  Or filtered.  Or hashtagged.  My goals only care if I’m working hard to achieve them.  My training cares that I’m on the trail on those days I really didn’t want to be.  That my writing “to do” list is being checked off by writing.  What good does #WriteMore do me if I’m talking about it but not doing it?

You see, I’m doing this for me.  And somedays, only me.  Because I care that I’m achieving my goals.  And when I do, I can’t wait to share them with you!  Being social isn’t a bad thing.


Not today.  I’ve got goals to chase down.

Do you have the right Formula?

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