In the House of Gryffindor

I was walking through a parking lot the other day, and noticed the car parked next to mine had a bumper sticker on it that read “Gryffindor”.  Like it was natural for it to be there, as any other car with any other school sticker placed upon the fabricated plastic.  Being a total geek myself, I laughed when I saw it.  A laugh of appreciation for the weirdness and freedom I see in our world.  Now mind you, I’m too vain to put a sticker like that on my own transportation because I like to think I’m too cool for something like that.  I like to think I’m more James Bond style, which is hard to do with a 5’5” body frame and a goofy face like mine.  007 I’m not…Clearly.  But this isn’t about me.  This time.

The bumper sticker got me thinking about Hogwarts, that wonderful school of wizardry and witchcraft.  What I wouldn’t have given in my youth to be part of such an amazing experience (Death Eater attack and all).  But what really got me wondering was this – Which house would I have been in?  Even more than that, how much would the house have made a difference on who I became as a person.  It is obvious I am a geek, and such questions trouble my mind.  But they do.  I think it’s an interesting discussion.

Would Harry Potter have been a different person had he been put into Slytherin?

Would he have been successful defeating He Who Should Not Be Named if he wasn’t in the same house as Hermione and Ron?

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “In the House of Gryffindor”

  1. I was always partial to Slytherin myself…not necessarily the kids in it…and Severus Snape? Well…pure awesomeness….and a good man

  2. I think Harry would have done better in Slytherin, just like what the Sorting Hat said. It would not change him, just because he’s in the same house as Voldy, but he would probably take a different and possibly better/faster route to destroying the Dark Lord.

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