You Create Your Own Cool

picture | wcvb television boston
picture | wcvb television boston

I like to begin each day with a dose of positivity and motivation. It helps me stay on track toward achieving my goals, because achieving goals isn’t always easy but getting discouraged can be. Today I found an article online that fits perfectly into what I call “Morning Motivation”.

6-year old Danny Keefe has health issues that have resulted in abnormal speech, and was getting bullied at school.  Oh, and he likes to wear suits and ties.  Dapper, huh?  Well, he was getting bullied at school until the guys on the football team intervened.  They had a “Danny Keefe Appreciation Day” where all of the football team went to school wearing suits and ties.  Read the full story HERE.

I cried a little reading the article.  Sheesh…Who wouldn’t?  Can you imagine how PROUD those parents must be of their kids?  Heck, I’M proud of them.  It just proves what I’ve said for years…You create your own cool.

Have you ever had an opportunity where you could help someone feel more welcome by extending a hand when others wouldn’t?  After learning about this story, you think you might?


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