Christmas Time is Near | A Collection of Poems

Christmas CheerChristmas-Cheer-Greeting-Ca

Be warm with love

This time of year

May your dreams be full

With Christmas cheer.


Christmas Eve

Colors twinkle upon the tree

The house is silent this Christmas Eve


Anticipating a welcome friend

The children wait, tucked in their beds


Down the chimney with a crash

Filled with laughter, soot and ash


His bright red suit and snow white beard

And bag that’s filled with Christmas cheer


Then he bounds back up to his sleigh above

And tomorrow is full of gifts and love.


Merry Christmas!


Gifts of December

As snow clings to the world outside

The fire keeps us warm and dry


The room is full of ones we love

And laughter rings like chorus doves


As night grows long, a change in the weather

These times remain our gifts of December

Winters-Brew-Haiku Greeting Card

A Winter’s Brew Haiku

The cold winter chill

And my warm chocolate brew

A day full of joy

(These poems and images are now available as greeting cards.  Send out the perfect holiday greeting today!)

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