“It’s About More Than the Coffee”

suspended coffee

I read a lot online.  Some of it good, most of it bad.  I see a lot of stories online with great messages, but many seem too far fetched to be real.  Let me re-phrase that…Many seem to good hearted to be real.  The message is heartwarming and touching, but the fact that I’m reading the story on Facebook leads me to question “Is it true?”

Today I stumbled upon “Suspended Coffees”.  It is an idea as simple as buying a cup of coffee for someone who needs it.  And I believe it to be as real and true as WE MAKE IT.

Because that’s the real story…Whether these heartfelt stories of helping our fellow man are true or not depend on if we choose to do something ourselves.  It’s up to us.

Take a look at “Suspended Coffees” and decide for yourself.  Is it just cool stories online or am I inspired to act?

But grab a tissue, because as they say – “It’s about more than the coffee.”


check them out here – Suspended Coffees

2 thoughts on ““It’s About More Than the Coffee””

  1. Suspended coffee … fabulous idea. Somewhat like your leave a dollar somewhere. I’ve been doing something similar to both. Once a week I leave a few bucks somewhere wrapped in a post-it note on which I handwrite a blessing. It’s very rewarding to know (and I DO know it) that the Universe will direct the right person to find it. Namaste’, Greg!

    1. Gina…Your idea of wrapping money in a post-it note is AWESOME! I love it. I have no doubt either that the Universe is taking care of it and seeing it gets to the right person. Good for you!!! Thanks for sharing!!

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