Oh Ye, Oh Ye, Oh Ye | The World Needs More Town Criers

I’m pretty much easily amused.  Seriously.

For any of you three readers out there who also happen to follow me on Instagram (or Twitter or Facebook for that matter) you will by now already know that I was firefly (or as I was repeatedly corrected “lightning bug”) hunting last night to no avail.  Instead, I amused my simple mind by catching teensy weensy lil’ tree frogs and making them magically appear to the delight of…well, me.

I told you.  Easily amused.

So it’s no surprise this afternoon when I stumbled across video of Royal Crier Tony Appleton’s announcement of the birth of the baby Windsor, the third in line to the British throne, the Prince of Cambridge, the…

Sheesh.  Enough pomp and circumstance already.  Will and Kate had a baby.  As you may surmise, it wasn’t high on my list of newsworthy.  I’m not a royal watcher.  But, it was still news.  I mean, really, how could one NOT know the baby was born yesterday?  Sandwiched between endless reports of the lady who fell from the roller coaster in Texas and endless coverage of “Zimmerman Verdict Aftermath 2013”, I guess a little British baby news is alright.

But for my money, the Town Crier bit takes the cake (crumpets?)

From the garb to the barb, this guy has it all.  I have to say, I’m a fan.  Which really isn’t too hard to believe considering “B.C.” was one of my favorite comic strips growing up.  Think about it, this guy gets paid to show up in 500 year old clothing, scream and yell for five minutes, ring a bell, and then walk off like George Costanza from a business meeting.  Not a bad gig if you can get it.

Although, it is kind of ironic that this guy has a Twitter account.  Isn’t that kind of beating himself to the punch?

And though I’m not a fan of pomp and circumstance, I have to say I could get used to this kind of announcement.  I mean, who really cares about baby North West or Lyndsay Lohan’s latest meltdown if it can’t be announced with such…panache?

Because, really, hearing more about the Kardashians, the Lohan’s, the Housewives and more using traditional media makes me a town crier…But not in a cool, retro way like Tony.

3 thoughts on “Oh Ye, Oh Ye, Oh Ye | The World Needs More Town Criers”

  1. Oh Greg, how I love you & your sense of humor. I completely agree. I had mild interest in the royal baby & couple, but the media goes on too long. I agree that the town crier is pretty cool.

    Sorry about your lack of fireflies. Glad you had the frogs for amusement though. 😀

    Great article, as always.


    1. Great MIND thinks alike. 😉

      I think you’re keeping the fireflies to yourself. Of course, I’ve blamed like four or five other people of the same thing. I think it’s a conspiracy.

      Love and hugs but without the bugs…

  2. I’m not sure, either, what all the hoopla is about. After all, no one spread the news like that when I gave birth..in fact, I think I was the “crier” that day! Thanks for the chuckle & good luck with the firefly hunt!!

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