Hope Is a Gift You Must Give Yourself


On two separate occasions Sunday I got emotionally distressing news from dear friends.  And though I can offer my love, sympathy or advice, the truth remains that I can’t really offer the one thing I wish I could.


Hope is truly a gift you must give to yourself.  There are outside resources that can give you reasons to hope, but the miraculous energy and positive faith that emerges from real hope can only come from within.  You have to believe something better IS going to happen.

This internal struggle is one reason I’ve been on a quest to help others for so long now.  Because I know the power of hope.  In desperate times our minds will conjure up all sorts of fantasies, and because we have such real fears those fantasies lean toward the negative.

The most important thing we can do for ourselves is remain positive in those desperate times and have hope that things will turn around.  As the storm may seem never ending it will, in fact end and soon the sun will shine again.

Our hope and expectation may not be the same, so be careful not to let that desired expectation distract you from the miracle of hope.  Things will get better, they just may be a different better than what you were expecting.

It’s difficult for me to accept that myself.  It is always my expectation that I can really make a difference with someone, anyone, who comes to me for support.  It rarely happens that I have any power to completely remove people’s fears and worries.  I often fail in my own expectation.

But my hope remains that I’ve offered some help, and that though their fears and worries may not be gone, they do in fact feel better after we’ve spoken.  That will always be my hope.

Until I can realize my expectation, I will rely on the hope that I’ve done some good.  I will continue to strive toward my expectation, and always offer the best words of positivity and encouragement I can.  I will offer my love, and sympathy too.

I will continue to hope that things will get better for my friends.  And more than anything, I hope they will truly believe things will get better too.

3 thoughts on “Hope Is a Gift You Must Give Yourself”

  1. While I agree that only you yourself can choose the life you want, I do think others can give moral support, pertinent advice, etc. This is especially true for young people.

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