Pick a Person, Pure and True…

by Liz Grace

Pick a person

Pure and true

Pick someone like you

Pick a person

Who needs a friend

Then offer help and send

Pick a person

You do not know

One that’s shed a tear

Pick a person

Whom you love

And shelter them from fear

Pick a person

One in need

Pick one pure and true

For one day

In need you’ll be

And that person will pick you

6 thoughts on “Pick a Person, Pure and True…

  1. Just wonderful Sir Gregory!
    So simple in its delivery, yet the words so powerful & true.
    Here’s a quote that runs along those very lines:
    ‘Give and it shall be given to you, pressed down, shaken together & running over.’
    Giving isnt a showy thing, but something that is from the heart. It costs! But then, doesnt everything that is involved with the heart?
    (((hugs))) to you and yours dear Sir … Im proud

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