Morton’s Law Magnets | On Sale Now

When I created Morton’s Law of Inscience, which says “If something can go right, it will”, I created it as a constant reminder that I need to be thankful for all things that happen in my life that I don’t see.  The things that go right that I may never see, but that allow me to enjoy another wonderful day.  It’s too easy to cast off the things we don’t want or the challenges we face as being part of that “other law”.

Negative thinking is a slippery slope I don’t want to travel.  So instead I live by my own law, the Law of Inscience.

Turns out a few of you choose to live by that law as well.  But let’s be honest, staying positive isn’t easy.  It’s a choice, and one we have to make daily.  It helps if we have a little help…

I have notes and magnets and other reminders around me daily, to help keep me motivated.  I even like to start each day with a little Morning Motivation that I share on social media.  And I’d like to share one more thing.

You can now get Morton’s Law of Inscience as a refrigerator magnet!  You can put this official Morton Design Works designed magnet in the office or at home in a place that will help you keep positive, and know that forces of good are hard at work each day!  Visit the store and buy now!

If some can go right, it will go right!  Indeed!!!

magnet pic two

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