For the Love of the Game

Baseball in the Grass

God’s green cathedrals

My ticket in hand

The warm smell of summer

As I climb to the stands


Ne’er a perfect day does exist

In the scheme of it all

Than a day at the park

To enjoy baseball


The ritual of peanuts

A dog and a beer

Satisfies fans

As they holler and cheer


The signs and the chatter

The game in the game

It’s one against one

Till one captures fame


The wind-up, the pitch

Each inning anew

A couple of foul balls

And now it’s strike two


A lazy fly ball

Off the crack of the bat

The glare of the sun

Has the outfielder trapped


The first of the plays

But the player’s on first

And before he feels safe

He’s given to burst


The defense is ready

And covering the field

But the player on first

Has broke to a steal


He digs in his spikes

Head down for the race

And flops in the dirt

Wraps his arms round the base


The thrill of the diamond

Between the chalked lines

Echoes with legend

Our favorite pastime


The roar of the crowd

For the love of the game

Take me to the park

On Opening Day


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