Idiots and 7th Graders | Seth McFarlane & the Academy Awards

Academy Awards

From the “I Guess I’ll Chime In” Department:

Nearly a month later, we are apparently still talking about Seth McFarlane’s job as host of the Oscars.  Two producers have now come out in defense of his “Boobs” song during the broadcast, saying it was satire and that it was misunderstood.  They quote demographics and ratings also, in defense of the host, as reasons why they thought he did a great job.

Personally, I wouldn’t qualify the job he did by saying a bunch of young people watched the show.  That doesn’t say much.  I think it can be generally agreed that class and dignity are lacking in today’s society, especially with regard to young people, comedy and humor.

Seth McFarlane’s job as host was no more funny or satirical or intelligent in meaning or execution than The Onion’s use of the C-word in describing 9 year old Quvenzhané Wallis.

McFarlane coming out and telling the audience he was going to write a song about naked women in film but realized it would have made him a bad host might have been funny.  The thought would have been there and it would have satirized his own image.  McFarlane actually writing and performing the song isn’t satire.  It is doing the thing that makes you a bad host.  What’s there to misunderstand?

Satire is knowing when to not cross a line in order to still be funny.  And don’t get me started on The Onion.  Their “joke” wasn’t well intentioned or even close to the realm of satire or humor.

Satire doesn’t have to be crass to be funny.  In fact, it shouldn’t.  Intelligent satire is so much more effective and meaningful and well, funny.

In 20 years I imagine we’ll still be talking about Seth McFarlane’s job as host, but not for the reasons he would want us to.  And the responsibility lies with him and the producers who chose to take the low road.  You want proof?  I have it…Their names are:

Bob Hope

Billy Crystal

Johnny Carson

Of the 85 ceremonies, these guys hosted a combined 33.  And they did it with class, and dignity and style.  Oh, yeah, and they were funny.  Even today you can look back and see old shows and the humor is still there.  It is still relevant.  We remember them because they were funny.  These guys are legends for all the right reasons.

Remember, we can’t look back and call it the ‘Golden Age of Movies’ and not realize it was the golden age because the celebrities had the character to show a lack of character in private and not on TMZ and that the hosts only satirized the ones that didn’t.

Any idiot or 7th grader can make a boob joke.

It’s not intelligent or satirical, and whether it garners a laugh or not is irrelevant.

It lowers the standard.

And it proves that you don’t have to be an elite comedian or on the top of your game to be the host of the Oscars…Just an idiot or a 7th grader.

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