Gimme Five with Musician Terry Wollman

Gimme Five

GIMMEFIVE celebrates the independent artist.  Our guest will answer five questions and be the subject of a YOU HAIKU.  Our spotlight will give you an inside look into the mind of an artist.  Be sure to check out their work, and tell them Greg sent you…

This week ~Terry Wollman

Terry Wollman | Musician, Music Director  


Artist Discovery

An accomplished  and versatile producer, composer, and musician, Terry has commanded such diverse projects touring, recording and performing as music director and/or guitarist for dozens of renowned artists including Billy Preston, The 5th Dimension, Wilson Phillips, Al Jarreau, Joan Baez, Joe Walsh, Keb’ Mo’, Gerald Albright and Eartha Kitt, to name just a few.  His album “Buddha’s Ear” went to #4 on the Billboard charts.”from
Terry Wollman Bio
Honestly, Terry’s experience in the music industry is crazy.   I mean, seriously, the man has a top 5 album on the Billboard charts and has some pretty impressive credits for television and film.  His list of musical collaborations is like reading a Who’s Who in the music business, spanning generations and genres.  And I know why.  When I saw Terry perform, I was in awe at the musicianship.  The talent.  When you go to a good show and are entertained, it’s one thing.  When you go to a show and are captivated by the depth of sound coming out of the instruments it’s a completely different experience.  Terry has that depth.  And he’s a great guy.  I’m stoked to highlight him in this latest edition of Gimme Five!

What inspired your latest project?

My latest album “A Joyful Noise” was inspired by the wonderful response I received from my previous record “Buddha’s Ear”.  Last year I was asked to record a Christmas single for radio and I enjoyed the experience so much that I decided I would do an entire record of holiday tunes to follow up. In the process of arranging and recording this record, I became even more inspired by the depth and beauty of these classic holiday standards that have stood the test of time.

Why did you become an ARTIST?

I don’t think I “became” an artist. It is more that I discovered that I was an artist and then made a conscious decision to embrace, honor, and develop the artist within me.

Who is your favorite fictional character and why?

James Henry Trotter of “James and the Giant Peach”. I loved that, as a child, he was able to overcome his fears and go on a remarkable adventure around the world…in a giant peach with a band of rag-tag anthropomorphic insects. Strangely, that is where I think I first got bitten by the travel bug and have wanted to see the world ever since then. Reading that book as a child gave me the feeling that I could leave home someday and accomplish anything I could dream of.

If you were a spy, what would your codename be?

Houdini.  I was always mesmerized by Harry Houdini’s ability to escape danger. Straight jacket, Scotland Yard, under water, chains and locks…

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

I always wanted to be a water ski instructor at Club Med.  Or one of those people that jump out of a rescue helicopter into the water to save someone.  Either one would be fine.

(Greg’s Note: Water ski instructor at Club Med rates as one of my favorite answers to this question. Classic!)

Terry Wollman | The You Haiku by Greg Morton             

He, a believer

Above it all, tenacious

The man, the doer.

Thanks to Terry Wollman for being a part of the independent artist spotlight.  Know an independent singer, writer, artist?  Send an email suggestion and we’ll try and include them on GimmeFive!

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