Drop Some Love, Some Laughter or Some Kindness into the Water

The Ripples are Getting Bigger

In reflecting on 2012, I’ve realized that I was fortunate enough to meet some incredible people.  I’ve also come to discover that I’ve managed to have a positive impact on their lives.  Because of this, my life is fuller and more enriched with a promise and a goal to continue with my motivation and positivity.

I have to be honest, it’s pretty rewarding.  When I first thought about writing a book based on my experiences and philosophies of motivation and inspiration, I was very hesitant to follow through with it.  I wasn’t at all interested in writing anything autobiographical.  Again, if I’m being honest, I think many autobiographies are a little, shall we say…ego driven.  That’s not me.

Sure, I have an ego.  And let me tell you, I’m great.  But I didn’t need to write a book about me just to stroke that ego.  As long as I think I’m great, that’s all that matters…ha ha ha (ahem).

But seriously, I did think the lessons I’ve learned were important enough to share.

Which brings me back to my point.  I’ve discovered they were important enough to share.  I’ve gotten some AMAZING feedback from people who have read my book, taken a lesson or two from it and applied it to their lives.  I’ve personally seen their growth and development, and it’s inspiring!!

Nothing motivates better than caring and sharing…

Homework for the week?  One act of kindness a day for someone.  It could be someone you know or a complete stranger.  Share a little about yourself that might help someone in need.  If you have the resources, give a little.  Engage in a little pay it forward. Participate in our 2013 Dollar Challenge and get creative.

Be SELFLESS for selfish reasons…because it just feels so darn good.

Let’s continue the movement of Lifting a Foot Forward…one step at a time.  2013 is full of promise and opportunity.  Let’s take every chance we get to make the most of it.  Thanks to everyone who visits this site and participates in this movement.  Each step we take together creates a ripple!!

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