Changing of the Guard

Yellow colors what once was green
The days of autumn I have seen

The grass will fall in slumber soon
No more days of tulip’s bloom

The shortened days, our reticence
The daylight saved won’t recompense

The clock turned back, these days I’ll weep
But I’m pleased to add one hour of sleep


4 thoughts on “Changing of the Guard”

  1. Wonderful words.

    We turn back our clock one week before you do. 😉
    I love the time when the trees looses their leaves and they look like yellow sometimes in the sun they shine a bit of gold. But I don´t like it that the daylight goes so fast cause…well you know I love it to walk at the water.

    Thanks for your small poem I love it my friend.

    A big hug to you over the sea. 🙂 Mel

  2. Really enjoyed this poem, Greg. Fall is my favorite time of year. Always hoping for some good color here in Texas. Sometimes we get it. 🙂

    1. Thanks Susan!! We actually get a change in colors here, even though today was 95 degrees. 🙂 I was up in the mountains fishing not long ago and the aspen groves up there are AMAZING! Hope you get the feeling of fall this year!!!

  3. Very good, as always. I agree with that one hour sleep. I woke up today full of energy and ready to go. Hate the getting dark so early though. Thanks again for sharing your words with us, my friend.

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