It Is All Very Zen…

A fellow author is hosting me today on her website as a guest blogger.  I’m really excited.  I was reading the post this morning, and rediscovering my thoughts on daydreaming.  The journey of the imagination…

(read the guest post here)

The journey.  I’ve talked on my website a lot about the journey.  A lot about my life in reboot.  Well, I did for a while anyway.  I started getting busy.  My “to-do” list started growing.  I’ve become obsessed passionate with chasing my dreams.  Not because of any fear I might never catch them, but for the exhilarating chase.  The journey…

As the guest post illustrates, I’m no stranger to daydreaming.  And I’m easily wrapped up in the romantic allure of an epic quest.  I was thinking about these things this morning when I ran across the picture of Yvon Chouinard, with the quote from one of my favorite films of all time ~ 180° South.

For those of you not fully immersed in the world of climbing, Chouinard is a legend.  He pioneered rock climbing in the Yosemite Valley, revolutionized the sport with his handmade gear and eventually built one of the most renowned (and environmentally responsible) outdoor apparel companies, Patagonia.

But for all of his accomplishments, Chouinard is a wanderer.  A surfer.  An explorer.  A climber.  In the climbing community, the endearing term is “dirt bag”.  He is that, and more.

The spirit of the dirt bag is one that few words can truly capture.  The lifestyle lies in the importance of the moment, concerning oneself with neither past nor future.  That is an essential mindset to successful rock climbing, as a misstep or lack of focus could send the climber tumbling thousands of feet.   It is all very Zen…

For adventurers like Chouinard, the moment is captured best in the journey.  Once a climber has reached the zenith of their peak and descended, the journey is over.  The moment has passed.  The need for careful examination of each hand placement or step of the foot takes on less importance.  And for many…less meaning.

Surfing is very much the same.  We paddle out into the ever changing conditions of a living, moving ocean.  Each moment determines our survival.  The zenith of our accomplishment, our goal, may be to ride a wave, but that is far from the end of our journey.  We must stay in the moment, making minor adjustments for balance.  Once the wave is over, we must navigate our way back out to sea and in place for the next wave.  We must adjust ourselves to the moment, positioning ourselves the best Mother Ocean will allow.

Once we reach dry land, the moment has passed.  Our survival isn’t as dependent on each moment.  The land may seem more forgiving, the journey less perilous.

As my list of things “to-do” grows, I realize that I am in love with the journey.  I am in love with exploring new opportunities and doing what I can to live in the moment.  Sometimes that journey takes me to heights I never thought possible. The moments of putting one foot in front of another in deep snow.

Sometimes the journey surrounds me, envelopes me in water.  The cleansing erase of the past and the future where only the moment matters. That soulful, meaningful moment.

And sometimes that journey takes me deep into my imagination, where fantasy and adventure come alive in a thrilling new quest.

And it’s the quest that’s important…

4 thoughts on “It Is All Very Zen…”

  1. You make a very fine point about being in the moment Greg. It is simple in concept and sometimes quite difficult in practice. When I have achieved being the moment I am grateful as it takes away all expectation and allows me an inner peace that I do not always possess. and eases my journey through this life. Thank you for a great blog as always! : ) Tami

    1. You’re welcome. I’ve found being in the moment is difficult when I’m TRYING. That is why I enjoy the mountains and the ocean so much. It forces me to think differently. For me it is true meditation. And though I’m often exerting myself, I have found that is when I’m most at peace.

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