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GIMMEFIVE celebrates the independent artist.  Each week our guest will answer five questions and be the subject of a YOU HAIKU.  Our spotlight will give you an inside look into the mind of an artist.  Be sure to check out their work, and tell them Greg sent you…

This week ~

Lydia Aswolf | Author, Friend

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The world is a crazy place.  I mean, there are people you see on the street in your neighborhood every day and they never wave. You never talk to them.  They wouldn’t celebrate your accomplishments any more than they offer you a smile.  It just seems that way.  Lydia is a friend on the internet who constantly celebrates my accomplishments with me.  We haven’t known each other long, but are bound by the fellowship of writing.  She has a unique perspective that I really enjoy.  Check it out…

What inspired your latest project?

I’m a huge fan of mythology, so the inspiration for my latest novel, “Mortos”, was Death. It’s portrayed beautifully in so many different myths and cultures but I wanted to try and put a new spin on it.

Mira is a young Army veteran with post traumatic stress disorder who hates Death based on her many experiences with it. When she has yet another close call after returning to civilian life, she wishes Death would just stop. And it does. With it, a hidden legacy comes to light that makes Mira question everything she thought she knew about Death…and herself.

Why did you become an ARTIST?

Well, I don’t really think of myself as an artist, to be honest. My goal has always been, and always will be, simply to write books I would enjoy reading. Even if I were to accomplish that goal and produce countless best sellers, I don’t think I would ever refer to myself as an artist. If I accept that title…and this is just me personally, I think a certain arrogance would ensue that might hinder, rather than assist, my future works.

Who is your favorite fictional character and why?

My favorite fictional character is Ralph Roberts. (Insomnia, by Stephen King). Ralph lost his wife and might be losing his mind, but he doesn’t hesitate to go through hell to save countless lives, even if it means sacrificing his own. I love that Stephen King takes a seventy year old man names Ralph and makes him the hands down hero of his own story.

If you were a spy, what would your codename be?

My codename would be Thunderstormer.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Writing! I’ve been in my current profession for nearly two decades, and while I know you should never, ever leap into a full time writing career with your first novel, I would love to be a full time writer one day!

Lydia Aswolf | The You Haiku by Greg Morton 

Determined, defined

Throughout her life, so loyal

Curmudgeonly so

Thanks to Lydia Aswolf for being a part of the independent artist spotlight.  Know an independent singer, writer, artist?  Send an email suggestion and we’ll try and include them on GimmeFive!

3 thoughts on “Gimme Five with Author Lydia Aswolf”

  1. Tami, we could probably talk mythology all day; so glad to see I’m not the only fan…ahem, I was fairly certain I wasn’t the only fan, but still. Dava, I think you should turn that description of kind and amazing and liberally apply to yourself (and Tami, too) because you made a difference in this writer’s day…for the better!

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